I came to see you to try to sort out my tummy problems and digestive issues and I would say that its at a definitely manageable stage and most importantly that's with no harmful horrendous stomach drugs so that's a brilliant improvement in itself. 'I feel I have gained so much from coming to see you. I have completely and utterly changed the way I eat and the way I view food and I know that it will be for life because I feel so passionately about it and it would never have happened if I had not come to see you. So it has been a huge success in my eyes and great big thank you for that. I do believe my general health and energy will continue to improve as I continue to eat healthy. I am happy to recommend your services in writing or verbally to anyone in the future'- Jill

'I cannot recommend Christine highly enough. My teenager had bowel survey after severe complications following appendicitis. After months of severe pain and cramps, unable to gain weight due to the body being unable to absorb food and severe anaemia,  we were referred to a dietician, after one appointment the next several were cancelled and through a friend's recommendation we went to see Christine. The support, advice and treatment plan devised by Christine has been exactly what we needed to begin the transition back to health. The emphasis for us was on the support and follow up care, without this support the changes made to the diet would have been difficult to implement and without the changes to the diet my teenager would still be too tired and lethargic to concentrate at school and would not be able to participate in favourite sporting activities due to the pains and cramps previously experienced. For me as a parent I feel my teenager can be a teenager again without being in a cycle of cramps and pain and worrying about the future.'- Anon

'I went to see Christine due to what I thought were symptoms of an early menopause. To name a few, weight gain, night sweats, insomnia. Christine looked at my lifestyle and diet and began investigating the way my body processes stress and ways to help my body settle back into a normal cycle. After just 6 weeks of supplements and some minor dietary changes I no longer have any of the symptoms and can sleep a full night without any difficulty. Thank you Christine.'- Mrs D

Christine has transformed my well being. At the beginning of the year my life had been taken over by extreme tiredness and foggy thinking/lack of concentration which was affecting not only my working life but also my everyday and social life, I was at the end of my tether!! By advising me to make some simple changes to my diet and taking a few supplements I cannot believe the difference to my whole personality, I feel brighter, have amazing concentration no fogginess at all, am more positive and confident and best of all not feeling extremely tired all the time anymore-amazing. I would not have believed it was possible if I had not experienced it myself. Thank you so much.- Amanda

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